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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Regarding Medical Cannabis Card

Physicians must be certified to recommend medical cannabis. If your primary care physician is not certified, they can refer you to a specialist who is.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain and/or neurological issues, or if you have a chronic health condition, it’s worth mentioning to your doctor that you need help managing the symptoms and you’re interested in medical cannabis. Ask if they’re certified, and if not, if they could refer you to someone who is.

Only a certified medical marijuana physician can recommend medical cannabis products, so it’s recommended that you establish a relationship with your provider for all your medical marijuana needs.

Once you’ve been accepted into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you can order from any dispensary in the state and don’t need to pay the application fee again. However, to change the doctor on your card, you’ll have to pay the costs of the initial consultation, as well as any followup visits.

As the popularity of medical cannabis grows and more dispensaries open in the state, more Florida doctors are becoming certified. In time, it’s possible that your physician may be to handle all your medical cannabis needs.

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